Midterms 2018: How politics and the arts are colliding

The midterms are fast-approaching, which means it has been two years since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. Halfway through what many have dubbed the first reality TV presidency, Hollywood and D.C. have merged in other surprising ways with the Hill casting a wide influence over TV shows, movies, music and much more. Ahead of Nov. 6, The Times takes a closer look at the media, and the message, spawned by the current climate.

Hate crimes and Frontline's "The Facebook Dilemma" highlight the dangerous tribalism of social media

As the media and law enforcement search Robert Bowers, Cesar Sayoc and Gregory Bush's digital footprints for motives to their heinous crimes, the tribalism of social media is explored in the "Frontline" documentary "The Facebook Dilemma."

With Kevin Spacey gone and Trump in the White House, 'House of Cards' finishes its run far from where it started

When the final season of "House of Cards" rolls out Friday, Nov. 2 on Netflix, the political drama will officially reveal how Kevin Spacey's character, Frank Underwood, has been killed off. Spacey was dropped from Netflix series after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced last year.

The monster inside us: How movies and TV have made the case against humans

Author and media critic Peter Biskind looks at how movies and TV shows have made the case against humans.

With movies like 'The Front Runner' and 'On the Basis of Sex,' filmmakers look to the past to comment on today's politics

In an era of intense partisan division, prominent filmmakers, including Spike Lee, Jason Reitman, Adam McKay and Mimi Leder look to political events and figures from past decades to reflect and comment on our current political landscape.

Willie Nelson's musical message to fans ahead of midterms: 'Vote 'Em Out!'

Veteran country music maverick Willie Nelson has released a new song, "Vote 'Em Out," which humorously advises his fans what to do on election day 2018.

MacArthur fellow Vijay Gupta is sparking change on skid row with his Street Symphony

New MacArthur fellow Vijay Gupta, a violinist with the L.A. Phil, sees himself as an "art disrupter"; his Street Symphony performs live concerts for the homeless on skid row and in L.A. county jails.

How did Donald Trump become president? A slew of new documentaries tackle the question

A slew of new political-themed documentaries are examining what we can learn from the 2016 presidential election and those who helped Donald Trump get elected, including Roger Ailes and Steve Bannon.

Chilean pop singer Alex Anwandter just made his most political album

Chilean pop singer-songwriter Alex Anwandter, known for his infectious pop songs of love with catchy hooks and anchored around resonating themes that support the LGBTQ community, has made his most political album to date. In "Latinoamericana" he takes on gender, hatred and President Trump.

Perspective: Why political pundits give drama critics a bad name

A critic's plan to rescue democracy, reclaim the power of theater and cast young artists as the leads in an extravaganza that turns voting into an act of performance.

Critic's Notebook: As anti-Semitic hate crimes rise, a German production of 'Fiddler on the Roof' preaches tolerance

A sensational new production in Berlin of “Anatevka” (“Fiddler on the Roof”) by the often flamboyantly provocative opera director Barrie Kosky hits — in a subtle, elegant and incredibly affecting way — the German capital’s nerves made painfully raw by the immigrant crisis and rise in anti-Semitism

The surprise in a year of political docs: Why red-meat finger pointing is less potent than the personal

Times film critic Kenneth Turan says that this year's political documentaries have been surprising as well as numerous.