Stump Speeches

Arnold Schwarzenegger (R)

"On our ballot this November, there will be more than just two names, there will be two visions. The people of California won't just pick a governor, but they will choose the future. Will we move forward or will we return to the ways of the past?" Read more...

"I heard this is the lowest turnout, voter turnout, probably in the history of California. ... I think that it just shows that negative campaigning doesn't work and people are not interested in people attacking each other. People want to hear the issues." Read more...

Budget Speech (Feb. 24, 2006):

"California was once like a fine automobile, a first-class engine. But it was not maintained. And today its motor is knocking; its tires are nearly bald; and its seats are frayed. The people know it needs repair." Read more...

Phil Angelides (D)

"What I'm proposing is a fundamental change in priorities. Because we can't afford four more years of Bush-Schwarzenegger economics. I'm running for Governor to stop the gravy train." Read more...

"We all know this year's gubernatorial race will be a bellwether — one of the highest-profile and most closely-watched races in the country. Well now we have to decide: what will we stand for in this race? What will we stand for as Democrats?" Read more...

"We're the richest state in the wealthiest nation in human history. Yet the gap between the rich and the poor is widening. And we have a Governor who thinks it's fine to cut assistance to children, to the poor..." Read more...

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