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Datarock rocks

Norwegian throwback punk-funkers Datarock made an appearance at the Smurf party while Joel Madden DJ’ed. After mugging with Good Charlotte’s tattooed frontman, the red-track-suit-wearing quartet caught a shuttle bus to the River shopping center and hopped in their tour bus to the Coachella artist’s lot. (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
Datarock’s T.J. shows his secret magic mushroom tattoo. (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
Datarock’s T.J. also has a secret L.A. tattoo. He loves L.A., really. (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
Fredrik Saroea of Datarock smokes a Marlboro in the River mall parking lot. (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
Fredrik Saroea and Kjetil Moster love to jump. The heat? It doesn’t bother them. (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
Fredrik and Kjetil get naked and flex. “The smell of these suits is not comfortable in the van,” said T.J., after the band stopped to pick up three ladies at the shopping center. “When you wash them they’re clean but if you sweat just a little the sweat will trigger bad, bad memories of yesterday’s gig.” (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
Kjetil and his lady friends, Danielle Jarvis and Julie Kramer. (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
Datarock, their friends and their tour manager wait in the dusty Coachella artists’ lot for a golf-cart ride to an interview. (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)
More leaping passes the time. (Jessica Gelt / Los Angeles Times)