Catherine Zeta-Jones
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Catherine Zeta-Jones: Life in Pictures

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Young Catherine

Even as a child, Catherine Zeta-Jones was a performer. During her youth, Catherine appeared in theatrical productions like “Annie” and “The Pajama Game”. (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)
What a good daughter!

Catherine reportedly showed mom and pops just how much she loved them by building them a luxury home. (Chris Pizzello / AP)
Who knew?

Before becoming a famous actress, Catherine was a singer and a dancer. She returned to her roots in the 2002 musical, “Chicago” (pictured).

As she told TNT: “I never thought for one minute that I would be in films. I wanted to be on the stage. In the beginning of my career was the singing, dancing, musical comedy and the English National Opera.” (Miramax Films)
Nice statue, C!

Catherine scored an Academy Award for best supporting actress for her performance in the 2002 musical “Chicago.” (Brian Vander Brug / Los Angeles Times)
Breakout role

Catherine’s big break came in 1998, in the action-adventure flick “The Mask of Zorro.”

Since then, the Welsh beauty has mixed thrillers like 1999’s “Entrapment” with romantic comedies like 2007’s “No Reservations.” (Andrew Cooper / Columbia Pictures)
Lighting up the small screen

In 1996, after a few TV spots -- like this one in “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” -- Catherine landed the role of Sala in “The Phantom,” the film adaptation of a comic book. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
Mo money, less worry

Many serious actors fear that doing ads will hurt their careers. That’s why they jet to Japan when it comes time to pull in a little extra dough with a beer commercial.

Catherine has no such qualms. She’s been a spokeswoman for T-Mobile and Elizabeth Arden right here in America. (Matt Sayles / Associated Press)
Sorry fellas, she’s taken

Catherine has been married to Michael Douglas since 2000, an eternity by Hollywood standards. Perhaps the 25-year age gap is the key to their success.

The couple have two children: Dylan Michael Douglas and Carys Zeta Douglas. Catherine told Larry King that Michael is the ideal father. “He was a terrific father to his son Cameron and now to our son, Dylan,” she said. “It’s amazing.” (Dave Allocca / AP)
The caviar story: fact or fiction?

Catherine has been said to have some, er, unique ways of keeping herself gorgeous. alleges she “got her shiny locks by lathering her scalp in truffles and caviar.” claims she “gets her pearly whites by brushing her teeth with strawberries.”

Is there any truth to the rumors? According to Catherine, nosiree. “I’m not that dumb,” she told USA Today. “If [Michael Douglas] was buying me caviar, it’d be in my stomach, not on my head.” (Chris Carlson / Associated Press)