Golfer likes hot dogs, hoops and fancy suits

The sport of golf is always looking for the next big thing (perhaps never so desperately as right now), and many believe L.A. native Anthony Kim could fill that role.

The 24-year-old has shown glimmers of greatness since turning pro in 2006, and he'll get to burnish his course cred in the Northern Trust Open, Monday through Sunday at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades. (For tickets, go to:

Kim lives in Dallas, but he still spends lots of time visiting friends and family in the Southland. Here's how he rolls when he's away from the links.

A kid at heart

I love going to amusement parks, it was always a huge treat when I was a kid. But what I remember most is playing basketball at both Pan Pacific and MacArthur parks. I would be there every day playing ball, and I'll still stop by when I'm in the city to see what's up. Seeing the kids there brings back great memories.

I also love taking my dog, Rocky, to Venice Beach for people watching and to check out the shops. I can't take him off the leash there, obviously, but we have fun hanging out. We'll then get him some exercise at some of the local dog parks.

In the evenings, Laker games are a great meeting spot for friends and people I haven't seen in a while. Everybody in L.A. is at the games. I go quite a bit with George Lopez, we're both big Lakers fans, so that makes games very entertaining!

Chowing down

My favorite restaurants in the area are probably Katana and Koi. I love the atmosphere and food (especially Katana's Japanese barbecue), and they're both great places to hang out with friends over dinner.

But I also like the hot dogs at Pink's. I'll put on sauerkraut, jalapeño peppers, mustard, relish -- basically, whatever I can fit on it. I just love the idea of a place where people will wait in line for an hour at 2:30 in the morning for a hot dog. Where else would you see that?

Another good late-night spot is the Crown Bar. There's always great music and a great crowd. I first went there with a group of friends after an event one night and loved it.

Sharp-dressed man

My favorite shopping place is Élevée in Van Nuys. It makes custom clothes for a lot of NBA players like Shaq and Dwight Howard and other athletes too. That place knows exactly what I want for my suits, so I like to go out there and spoil myself a couple of times a year.

And when I'm out here, I like to stay at the Chateau Marmont. You meet such interesting people there. It's got a lot of fun history about it, and it's very private and quiet.