Tony Soprano
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Farewell, Sopranos

Tony Soprano
The brutal son of Johnny Boy Soprano is, well, in transition. Though his crew has been decimated by a war with New York rivals, he’s come out the other side alive and with a chance at some sort of future — maybe. Though if we see Tony again, and we might, it will be a different world. (HBO)
Carmela Soprano
All pretense is gone. Carmela both concedes and embraces the reality that she is the wife of a mob boss. The payoff is a nuanced series of moments between Carmela and Tony that are tender and real. Chase leaves her with the only thing she’s ever wanted — her family, together and getting along. (HBO)
Meadow Soprano
Meadow’s decision to go for law school, not med school, finally gets her dad’s approval. His public humiliation by the FBI was the turning point, she tells him. He’s her hero again. How can Tony do anything but back her now? (HBO)
A.J. Soprano
Anthony Jr. may become the son Tony has wanted all along. He finds that watching his car turn into a ball of fire takes the edge off his depression. He’s hooked up with a beautiful but troubled girl. And he’s decided to become a Hollywood development exec rather than change the world.... The kid has promise. (HBO)
Christopher Moltisanti
Tony’s nephew had been the anointed one, but his drug problems, Hollywood flirtations and finally the tangled ethics that came with his sobriety made him expendable. Moltisanti’s bad DUI car crash provided an opportunity to get rid of the young hothead.... Tony just had to help a little. (HBO)
Silvio Dante
Tony’s consigliere was given a chance to join a coup against his boss, but he responded by strangling the messenger. That loyalty put him on the target list and, outside the Bada Bing strip club, Silvio took a couple of shots, including one in the chest. He’s in a coma, and the outlook is bad. (HBO)
Peter Paul Gualtieri a.k.a. Paulie Walnuts
Early in the season, a boat ride with Tony left Paulie sweating — would he get whacked? That fear of mortality continued to plague him, from the jinxed job Tony has just given him to the mysterious cat that stared at the dead Christopher’s photo and now stares at him.... (HBO)