Green Acres

Arnold the Pig, a.k.a. Arnold Ziffel from “Green Acres” One of the most famous TV pigs, Arnold provided the majority of laughs on the rural 1965-71 CBS TV series starring Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor. Arnold could change channels on a TV set, drink through a straw, deliver letters and newspapers, and even play cricket. Numerous female pigs, all pedigree Chester Whites, were trained by Frank Inn for the role of Arnold. Though females don’t grow as quickly as males, an adult sow could reach 900 pounds by the age of 2. During the show’s run, Arnold received thousands of fan letters, received awards and guest-starred on such TV shows as “What’s My Line?” and “The Joey Bishop Show.” When the original Arnold died, Inn had her cremated and her ashes placed in an urn. When Inn died, the urn was placed in his casket and buried with him, per the trainer’s wishes.
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