Jason Dahl


Jason Dahl

As a teen growing up in San Jose, United Airlines Capt. Jason Dahl, 43, learned to fly before he could drive.

Dahl was at the helm of Flight 93, on which passengers were believed to have confronted the terrorists.

"He was a consummate pilot," said brother-in-law Bill Heiderich. "His responsibility for his flight started when he left his home. He was all business."

Dahl attended San Jose State University on a scholarship provided by a local flying legend, Amelia Reid. Just five years after graduation, he was hired by United. Soon he was training other pilots.

He had moved to Littleton, Colo., where he lived with his wife, Sandy, son Matthew, 15, and daughter, Jennifer, who is in her 20s.

He is also survived by two sisters, Carol Heiderich of Hollister and Joan Raymundo of San Jose, and a brother, Lowell, in Texas.

For 30 years, a flag flew in front of the Dahl home in memory of Jason Dahl's brother Kenneth, who was killed at age 20 in Vietnam in 1971. Now a crisp new flag--given to Mildred Dahl by neighbor DiSalvo's son--flies there at half-staff in honor of Jason Dahl.

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