Waleed Iskandar

A London resident and business strategy consultant, Waleed Iskandar died aboard American Airlines Flight 11 en route to visit his parents in Los Angeles.

Iskandar, 34, was born in Beirut and came to the United States in 1984 to attend Stanford University, where he graduated in 1989 with degrees in industrial engineering and computer science.

Iskandar joined Monitor Group, a consulting firm, in Boston in 1990, where he worked while he earned an MBA at Harvard Business School.

Partha Bose, a partner at Monitor Group, described Iskandar as a warm and outgoing man, a gourmet and a world traveler who was as comfortable entertaining friends at home as he was navigating the international business world.

"He was a highly talented professional, a consummate professional," Bose said. "He was a gifted thinker and a valued colleague. His strong character and memory will always be with us."

Iskandar's family declined to comment.

As the firm's London-based chief of digital strategy for Europe, Iskandar's work took him around the world. His most recent trip was to Greece, although that was a vacation to plan his July wedding, Bose said. A yoga and cycling enthusiast, Iskandar was fluent in English, French and Arabic.

He is survived by his parents, Joseph and Samia, of Los Angeles; his fiancee, Nicolette Cavaleros, of London; his sister, May Marconet, of Los Angeles; his brother, Sany, of Sudbury, Mass.; and six nieces and nephews.