Richard Keane

By a ChicagoTribune Staff Writer

A avid gardener, frequent traveler and the father of five grown sons, Richard Keane, 54, of Wethersfield, Conn., was the type of person who knew everyone in the airport lounge. "He loved to tell stories," said Judy, his wife of 31 years. "He'd have everyone's business card before even getting on the flight."

Keane also had a penchant for building stone walls, moving rocks, planting flowers and singing in the church choir.

Normally, Keane took the bus to his office in Hartford, Conn. If he had a business meeting in New York--and he hadn't for a year--it generally was in Midtown. But on Tuesday, Keane was on the 99th floor of the World Trade Center because a colleague needed his help, his wife said.

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