Journalistic Excellence

The Los Angeles Times’ numerous journalism awards include 39 Pulitzer Prizes, five of which are gold medals for public service. The Pulitzer Prize is regarded as the most prestigious award in American journalism.

In 2004,The Times won five Pulitzer Prizes – a single-year record for the newspaper and the second-largest yearly total in the history of the awards.

Recent Pulitzer Prizes:
Explanatory Reporting: Bettina Boxall and Julie Cart for their exploration into the cost and effectiveness of attempts to combat the growing menace of wildfires across the western United States.
Explanatory Reporting: Kenneth R. Weiss, Usha Lee McFarling, reporters, and Rick Loomis, photographer, for their richly portrayed reports on the world's distressed oceans, telling the story in print and online, and stirring reaction among readers and officials (2007)
Public Service: Times Staff for its courageous, exhaustively researched series exposing deadly medical problems and racial injustice at a major public hospital (2005)
International Reporting: Kim Murphy, for her eloquent, wide ranging coverage of Russia's struggle to cope with terrorism, improve the economy and make democracy work (2005)
Breaking News Reporting: Times staff for its compelling and comprehensive coverage of the massive wildfires that imperiled a populated region of Southern California (2004)
National Reporting: Times staff for its engrossing examination of the tactics that have made Wal-Mart the largest company in the world with cascading effects across American towns and developing countries
Criticism: Dan Neil for his one-of-a-kind reviews of automobiles, blending technical expertise with offbeat humor and astute cultural observations (2004)
Editorial Writing: William Stall for his incisive editorials that analyzed California's troubled state government, prescribed remedies and served as a model for addressing complex state issues (2004)
Feature Photography: Carolyn Cole for her cohesive, behind-the-scenes look at the effects of civil war in Liberia, with special attention to innocent citizens caught in the conflict (2004)
National Reporting: Alan Miller and Kevin Sack for "The Vertical
Vision," a series on the Marines' vertical-lift Harrier aircraft (2003)
Feature Writing: Sonia Nazario for "Enrique's Journey," a series on a boy's odyssey from Central America to find his mother in the U.S. (2003)
Feature Photography: Don Bartletti for his photos illustrating "Enrique's Journey" (2003)
Feature Writing: Barry Siegel for "A Father's Pain, a Judge's Duty, and a Justice Beyond Their Reach," a portrayal of how a child's fate entwined the lives of two good men haunted by their choices (2002)
Editorial Writing: Alex Raksin and Bob Sipchen for a series of editorials exploring the issues and dilemmas of mentally ill people living on the streets (2002)
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