Joseph Hutchinson
Creative Director, Los Angeles Times

Joseph Hutchinson has been Creative Director at the Los Angeles Times since 2005. He previously served as Deputy Managing Editor since 2000.

As Creative Director, Hutchinson oversees design, information graphics and illustrations for the newspaper and its Sunday magazine, West. He serves as a creative executive for all sections of the paper as the Times strives to launch innovative solutions to better serve readers.

Hutchinson joined the Times in 2000 as Deputy Managing Editor, responsible for design and information graphics. Among his duties, which continue through today, were to redesign the Times, improve the presentation of content, create a vital design and graphics operation, and to effectively incorporate visual journalism into the culture of the Los Angeles Times.


In his six years at the Times, Hutchinson has reorganized the staff of the design and graphics departments and redesigned much of the publication. His most recent accomplishment was redesigning the front page and A-section of The Times. Earlier this year he transformed West into a visually exciting and vibrant publication through improving design and presentation and uplifting the quality of photography and illustration. In 2002, he redesigned all of the features and entertainment sections. As a result of his leadership, the paper has won hundreds of awards for design, graphics and photography.

Hutchinson began his career as a Graphic Artist intern at USA Today in 1988 and was hired by the Baltimore Sun as a Graphic Artist in 1989. A year later, he was promoted to management and has been in management positions for most of his career. He served as Assistant Design Director and, later, Graphics Director, where he art directed pages, graphics and managed the staff of the design and graphics departments. At the age of 27, he was promoted to Assistant Managing Editor for design and graphics, where he implemented the redesign of The Sun. This redesign won the Society for News Design’s “World’s Best Designed Newspaper” award, among many other awards during his tenure. Along the way, he created a vigorous design and graphics team.

Hutchinson received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland.