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The Hearst Ranch

A forbidding sign hangs on at San Simeon Point at the southwest corner of the Hearst family’s 82,000 ranch in San Simeon. (Christopher Reynolds / LAT)
Sprawling between Cambria and Big Sur, the Hearst Ranch includes acreage from the rocky coast to the far side of the San Lucia mountains in San Luis Obispo County. (Christopher Reynolds / LAT)
The Hearst family holdings include about 18 miles of land on the often-narrow west side of the coast highway. (Christopher Reynolds / LAT)
Cattle ranch
Still a working cattle ranch, the Hearst property is lined by well-tended fences. (Christopher Reynolds / LAT)
Elephant seal observation point
The Piedras Blanca elephant seal observation point fills in winter with seals and observers, who may not realize that the Hearsts own the territory. (Christopher Reynolds / LAT)
San Simeon point
San Simeon point, as seen from the pier at William R. Hearst State Beach. (Christopher Reynolds / LAT)
About 80,000 of the Hearst family’s 82,000 acres at San Simeon lie inland from the coast highway. (Christopher Reynolds / LAT)
Winter storm
Winter storm runoff reshapes a beach near the north end of the Hearst Ranch. (Christopher Reynolds / LAT)
State Beach
Looking south toward William R. Hearst Memorial State Beach from San Simeon Point. (Christopher Reynolds / LAT)
The Hearst holdings
The Hearst holdings include about 1,800 acres on the west side of the coast highway. (Christopher Reynolds / LAT)
Near San Simeon Point, a vandalized sign show’s one surfer’s sentiments: “IF YOU DON’T LIVE HERE, DON’T SURF HERE!” (Christopher Reynolds / LAT)