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Beak-worthy hover crafts

Isn’t it time to upgrade that seedy bird feeder?

The copper-plated roof on this product kept the rain out and stymied the dogged efforts of a tree-dwelling rat to chew through it for the seeds inside. Its stacked design made refills a hassle. $29. (800) 890-5932, (Eric Boyd / LAT)
The copper leaves blended nicely into the similarly colored foliage of a giant eucalyptus. When kept in the shade and stationary, the feeder dripped very little, but it gushed when rocked by wind. $49. (877) 725-1965, (Eric Boyd / LAT)
This globe feeder holds more than twice as much feed as the Newport. It looked terrific new but quickly succumbed to unsightly water spots. Works best with sunflower seeds. $25. (888) 879-5095, (Eric Boyd / LAT)
With a verdigris roof and stately pillars, this yard-tall 30-pound feeder classed-up my backyard and was a hit with finches, robins and jays. Installation on a post was a nuisance but worth it. $385. (877) 725-1965, (Eric Boyd / LAT)