Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty raise more than $4 million in second quarter


Fundraising totals are trickling in from Republican presidential campaigns, with three candidates hovering around the $4-million mark.

Ron Paul’s campaign says he raised more than $4.5 million. Tim Pawlenty brought in slightly less than that -- about $4.2 million. Jon Huntsman raised $4.1 million in the 10 days since he joined the race, but a portion -- less than half, the campaign says -- came from his own pocket.

Those numbers are tiny, compared with Mitt Romney’s expected haul of $20 million.

Paul came close to his $5 million goal by tapping into his base of loyal supporters through “money bomb” online appeals for contributions.


He raised at least $500,000 in the final 24 hours of the quarter, according to updates the candidate posted to his Facebook page.

Pawlenty was one of the first contenders to begin raising money for his presidential run.

Last week, the campaign acknowleged that top aides were working for little or no pay, a sign that Pawlenty was struggling on the fundraising front.

Melanie Mason in the Washington bureau contributed to this report.