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We asked kids to draw what they could see out their window. Here are the results

With kids around Southern California home from school because of the coronavirus, we asked them to draw something they could see out their window. Here’s what they sent us.

“I drew a tree with a robin next to it. And two hands with soap that say, ‘Wash your hands!’ And a girl with a towel saying, ‘Use a towel!’ And a nurse saying, ‘Stay healthy.’ And a clock saying, ‘What time is it? It’s germ fighting time!’ A sun and a globe that says, ‘The world needs help.’” (Lucia, 8, of Downey)
“I drew a beach and palm trees because they surround my house. They aren’t exactly out my window but they are nearby. I also put a stem shaped as a heart surrounding the palm trees to represent nature. I also chose the beach and palm trees because I think they are gorgeous sites and that they look good with each other especially with the sunset which ties it all together.”  (Sage, 13, Huntington Beach)
“On the left side is what I see now, an empty playground. On the right side is what I want to see, kids playing soccer.”  (Sarah, 10, Rancho Palos Verdes)
“Our front yard and sidewalk.” (Vivian, 9, Pasadena)
“Corona Dragon.” (Ruby, 11, Alhambra)
“Wolf.” (Sevena, 11, Sun Valley)
“I drew what I see from my backyard while it was raining on my pool and table and bbq.” (Olivia, 9, Pasadena)
“I drew a picture of what I wish I could see out my window. It says, ‘I wish I could see my friends from my window.’”  (Claire, 10, North Hollywood)
“I made these flowers out of paper napkins to impress that kids are of all ages. Enjoy!” (Theresa, 77, Long Beach)
“A hummingbird.” (London, 8, Tarzana)
“I drew a picture of my backyard.” (Sofia, 9, Carpinteria)
“A flower with plants.”  (Molly, 8, Fountain Valley)