Comic: A kitchen composting guide for beginners

Kitchen compost guide
(Gabrielle De Fontanes / For The Times)

Is reducing your carbon footprint or food waste a New Year’s resolution? Landscape designer and edible gardener Lily Polstein and artist Gabrielle de Fontanes, both Los Angeles natives, bring you an easy kitchen compost guide to help you get started.

"Kitchen composting with susainable landscapes LA, illustrated by Gabrielle De Fontanes
"composting is the process of collecting food scraps and yard waste and turning them into organic decomposed matter"
"with your kitchen and yard waste, begin to add layers to your compost pile"
"each compost system has its own techniques, so make sure your following the correct steps, i.e. compost bin vs. tumbler"
"continued... wormbin or vermicomposting. DIY compost bins are budget friendly alternatives."
"Do's: tea bags, fruit and vegetable trimmings, coffee grounds and filters, egg shells, juice pulp, leaves and yard waste."
"dont's: bread, beans, diseased plants, meats and fish, dairy products, grains, feces, glossy paper, greasy food."
"What's next? Once your compost is garden ready, sprinkle a small layer into your existing soil"
"composting is a great and easy way to reduce your carbon footprint. Dont have a garden? give to a friend or neighbor."
"Thank you for reading and happy composting!"

Lily Polstein is an Landscape designer and edible gardener and Gabrielle de Fontanes is and artist and illustrator, both Los Angeles natives. Follow @latimesplants on Instagram.