Did you tear out your lawn and replace it with drought-tolerant plants?

Low water plants in place of a lawn
Peggy Pugh and Jim Gula removed their lawn and parking strip, added a decomposed granite path and planted hardy plants from Australia, South Africa and California.
(Peggy Pugh )

As millions of Southern Californians face unprecedented water restrictions beginning next month, we’re looking for homeowners who have torn out their lawns and replaced turf with drought-tolerant plants. Why? We are looking to inspire others and offer helpful tips on ways to conserve water during a megadrought.

What we want to know:

  • Why did you tear out your lawn?
  • How did you go about the process: Did you try sheet mulching or consult a landscape designer?
  • How did you pay for it?
  • Did you receive a turf removal rebate?

If you are willing to share your experience, please complete the form below, attach before and after photos, and a reporter may contact you.