Behind the Badge: Inside the hiring practices of L.A. County Sheriff's Department

Behind the Badge: Inside the hiring practices of L.A. County Sheriff's Department
L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca speaks during a toy drive outside department headquarters in Monterey Park. (Andrew Renneisen, For The Times)

Despite background investigations that revealed wrongdoing, incompetence, or poor performance, the department still hired dozens of problem applicants in 2010, internal records show.

Poorly performing L.A. sheriff’s deputies are not weeded out in their first year, report says

New sheriff's deputies who perform poorly on the job during their first year are not being weeded out, leaving them to potentially cause problems years down the

Sheriff Lee Baca to retire at end of month

L.A. County sheriff reveals 15 cases of discipline against 2010 hires

They were part of a mass hiring of about 280 officers in 2010, even though investigators concluded many had committed serious misconduct.

Sheriff Baca took weekend to mull his options

Assistant Sheriff Jim Hellmold, a trusted confidant, advised his boss that it was a good time to step down.

Sheriff Baca backs proposal to create civilian oversight commission

The sheriff says a commission would strengthen transparency and accountability. One of his rivals for reelection, Cmdr. Bob Olmsted, also supports the plan.

L.A. County hired dozens rejected by the Sheriff's Department

Those hired by other L.A. county agencies included an officer who cut a man's neck with a knife in an off-duty fight, records show.

Sheriff's special hiring program favored friends and relatives

After inquiries from The Times about questionable hires, department shuts program down

Sheriff's Department admits wrongly hiring about 80 problem officers

The sheriff's troubling hires

Baca nephew is subject of inmate abuse probe