L.A.'s Broken Sidewalks

L.A.'s Broken Sidewalks
At left, columnist Steve Lopez nearly disappears under an uplifted sidewalk in the Beverwil section of Los Angeles. At right, the sidewalk is repaired. (Don Bartletti / Steve Lopez / Los Angeles Times)
L.A. lawmaker 'astonished' at holdup in making city sidewalk repairs

Los Angeles leaders planned to spend $27 million on sidewalk repairs this budget year -- much more than the year before. But so far, more than half way through the fiscal year, the city has yet to spend any of it.

Victory for garden doesn't mean City Hall common sense grows on trees

Bureaucrats move fast enough against an illegally grown squash on the curb, but don't count on them to quickly fix concrete problems.

L.A. Council approves $10 million for sidewalk repairs

Los Angeles lawmakers approved spending $10 million to repair broken sidewalks next to parks, libraries and other city facilities.

Garcetti vows to fix sidewalks, but repair funds remain unspent

With the prospect of unencumbered money going back into the general fund June 30, the council has deferred action pending resolution of a lawsuit.

Broken L.A. sidewalks spur aggravation but no consensus

In L.A., anything but a crack response to tree-buckled sidewalks

The city leaves root-damaged sidewalks in disrepair for years, even when they produce multiple injury lawsuits.

Angelenos, how do you feel about fixing sidewalks?

Should part of $3-billion street repair bond go toward sidewalks? Would you agree to special assessments for fixes? Weigh in here.

Ask the L.A. mayor candidates: What about L.A.'s crumbling sidewalks?