Newsletter: Essential California: LAPD shooting video raises more questions

Good morning. It is Friday, Sept. 25. Looking for love on a dating app? If you’re in San Francisco, statistics show you have a great shot with this opening line: “What movie scared you the most when you were little?” Here's what else is happening in the Golden State:


Regulating vendors

As the city of Los Angeles considers legalizing street vending, small-business owners say they’re concerned that their operations could be undercut. Street vendors don’t have the same cost overhead as far as rent or insurance, and critics say vending can clutter the sidewalks in front of brick-and-mortar businesses. “Some areas are wildly out of control,” said Councilman Paul Koretz. Los Angeles Times

Close-up of shooting

Body camera footage reviewed by the Los Angeles Times shows what led to the fatal shooting of Charly “Africa” Keunang, a skid row resident with a history of mental illness. On the tape, an officer repeatedly threatens to use a Taser on Keunang. Experts who reviewed transcripts of the tape say more could have been done to de-escalate the situation. Los Angeles Times

Grocery stores closing

Haggen’s expansion into California has proved to be a failure. The company, which had filed for bankruptcy this month, will close its 67 stores here, as well as grocery stores in Arizona and Nevada. Buyers never seemed to gel with the store’s prices or offerings. “No one is going to even notice they are gone,” one food analyst said. Los Angeles Times


Scarred landscape: New images from NASA show the scars of the Valley fire in Northern California. “When a weather system delivered abnormally hot temperatures and gusty winds to Napa, Sonoma and Lake counties in Northern California, the forests were primed to burn intensely,” according to NASA. Los Angeles Times

Down and drought in Beverly Hills: Not all of Hollywood’s boldfaced names are on board with drought-tolerant landscaping. But some new luxury homes have “outdoor entertainment spaces” rather than traditional grass lawns. “As far as societal change in L.A., it's like trying to turn an aircraft carrier,” said actor Bill Pullman. Hollywood Reporter

Controlled burn: Should California’s trees be set on fire to save the beloved sequoias? Some scientists are suggesting that drought-stressed trees should be torched, something that Native Americans did hundreds of years ago, to reduce competition for water. Christian Science Monitor

Saving the salmon: For the first time in more than 80 years, Chinook salmon could swim above the Shasta Dam. The fish’s population has dropped significantly during the drought, so officials are considering a plan to bring hatchery-raised fish into the Livingston Stone National Fish Hatchery. Sacramento Bee

To water or not to water: Readers had strong reactions to a piece encouraging Californians to continue watering their lawns. “At last someone speaks out against the war on residential landscapes.” Los Angeles Times


Sign revenue: Councilman Paul Krekorian wants to allow digital billboards on city-owned properties. In a letter to the Planning Commission, the councilman argued advertising revenue from such setups could be used for city services, including ones that specifically help the homeless. Separately, Councilman Gil Cedillo wants homeless individuals to be able to shower at the city’s swimming pools and park their RVs in city-owned parking lots overnight. Los Angeles Times

High expectations: Advocates who work on homeless issues are not impressed with the city’s so-called state of emergency on homelessness. They want to see funding and a concrete plan. “You can't have decades of neglect and then think that this announcement yesterday is even a minor fix,” said civil rights attorney Carol Sobel. City Lab

Need a ride? One man tried to hitchhike in Santa Monica as a way to save a few bucks on Uber or Lyft. In this video, he shows it's still possible to do so. LAist

New destination: The Broad museum is the most recent addition to Grand Avenue, an area that for decades has struggled to become a destination. But the completion of the Grand Avenue Project still hinges on a $950-million commercial development designed by Frank Gehry. Work on the site known as Parcel Q was supposed to start in 2007. Los Angeles Times


Corporate background: When GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina became HP’s CEO in 1999, the “HP Way” fell by the wayside. In its place was a me-centric attitude and a casual relationship with the truth, writes Robin Abcarian. “She didn’t take time to understand what was of value to HP and ended up destroying much of what made the company great over many decades,” said the grandson of Dave Packard. Los Angeles Times

Fuel regulations: The state’s air quality officials are expected to announce new guidelines today to reduce carbon pollution from gasoline and diesel. It’s a way for the California Air Resources Board to use existing regulations to enforce policy after Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature were forced to drop key provisions of a climate change bill. Los Angeles Times

Out to dry: A proposed state bill would allow Californians to string up a clothesline to dry their clothing in the sun. AB 1448, which is awaiting the governor’s signature, would override homeowners associations’ and landlords’ rules against the practice. Shutting off the dryer could save the average household $96 a year. San Diego Union-Tribune


Hillside compound arrest: A Saudi prince renting a mansion in the Beverly Glen area was arrested on suspicion of trying to force a worker to perform a sex act on him. A resident reported seeing a bleeding woman scream for help as she tried to scale the property's 8-foot-high wall. Saudi prince Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud was booked and released on $300,000 bail. Los Angeles Times

Children shot: An 11-year-old boy was getting a bite to eat at a taco stand in South L.A. when shots rang out. He threw himself to the ground and then felt a burning sensation in his hand — he had been struck with shrapnel. Two 13-year-olds were also struck by gunfire in the attack. Police believe the shooting may have been gang-related. Los Angeles Times

Investigation continues: The UCLA student whose body was found in an apartment fire early Monday had recently been charged with possessing party drugs. Andrea Lauren DelVesco, who was out on bail, was scheduled to appear in court this week. Police are treating her death as a homicide. Los Angeles Times


New listing: Here’s the latest listing to show how out of control the San Francisco housing market is: a 765-square-foot run-down house that is being offered for $350,000. So far, there have reportedly been two offers, and all-cash is preferred. Vice


Life's work: She’s Fullerton’s Queen of Cosmetics. Dena Edwards just celebrated her 90th birthday, and for 46 of those years, she’s been selling Mary Kay products. Her career was so successful she even won a pink Cadillac through the company’s incentive program. Orange County Register

Black and white: Rare images of Los Angeles circa 1964. CNN


Riverside will be toasty at 101 degrees. It will be sunny and 93 in Los Angeles. San Francisco will be sunny and 74 degrees today. Sunny and 84 in San Diego.


Today's California Memory comes from Patty Wells Thompson:

"Smoke Tree Ranch near Hemet was memorable in 1958. During a breakfast ride, my horse spooked and took off at a dead run into the desert brush. I was dragged, screaming, with only my right foot in the stirrup and right hand gripping the pommel. When the wrangler caught up, I was bloodied and scratched on my head and left hand and arm, but I stayed on! I was patched up at the ranch and jumping off the high dive that afternoon. Everybody heard what had happened, and Walt Disney shook my hand and congratulated me at the pool that day!"

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