Steve Lopez covering the California coast

Steve Lopez on what's been saved along the California coast — and what the bulldozers are still aiming for

California's 1,100 miles of coastline is a glorious global destination because generations have fought to protect it. But property owners are still locking out the public and bulldozers are still revving up to tear into open space. Times columnist Steve Lopez and photographer Allen Schaben embark...

The 1,100-mile California road trip that reminds: 'The coast is never saved; it's always being saved.'

Once upon a time, the California coast was up for grabs.

Snowy plovers and massive condos — opposing forces we'll meet on our coastal road trip

As the columnist prepares to drive the 1100 mile length of California's coast, readers weigh in to call him names and offer him meals and tips.

Taking in California's majestic coast from Oregon to Mexico

As the columnist prepares to drive the length of the California Coast, he continues his examination of the commission that's supposed to be protecting it

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Ex-legislator horrified by subversion of bill to clean up coastal agency

Will Sacramento lawmakers restore trust in the Coastal Commission?

With the California Coastal Commission in upheaval, some Sacramento lawmakers are proposing ways to fix things.

Gov. Brown, notice anything fishy about your Coastal Commission?

All sorts of screwiness is going on with the commission that's supposed to be protecting California's gorgeous coast. Lopez notes a few ideas commissioner McClure has, then asks Governor Brown what's up with this appointed body on which his environmental legacy may hinge.