Watch: Gov. Brown discusses drought with Times publisher Austin Beutner



Amid one of the worst droughts in modern California history, Gov. Jerry Brown and Los Angeles Times Publisher Austin Beutner met at USC on Tuesday night to discuss water and the state's future. Watch their conversation above and read key points and analysis below.

Hoping for innovation

Cutting back at home

Water vs. bullet train? Both, Brown says

Population growth changes things

Paradigm change

Change the menu?

About those price disparities, though:

'Not everything is subject to market'

Desalinization will make water that's 100 times pricier

Farmers in the Imperial Valley, east of San Diego, have access to lots of water at relatively cheap prices. To see why, click "read more," below.

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How much water goes into your meal?

For the interactive graphic, click "read more," below.

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Water and agriculture

An analogy: Those who drink faster get more

Who will manage groundwater

For more about the excessive pumping of groundwater wells, click "read more," below.

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Promoting the delta plan

Concerns about wildlife in the delta

The plan to restore habitat as part of the new delta plan has been scaled down, though:

About the delta tunnel plan

For an interactive graphic of the proposed delta tunnels, click "read more," below.

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Prices to rise

'What if this is the new normal?'

For more on Brown's talk at the Metropolitan Water District, click "read more," below.

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Climate change is 'radical disruption'

Climate change will make future droughts worse, Gov. Brown says. "You get drier soils ... more forest fires."

Brown says it's hard to know how bad the long-term water shortage is because it's affected by population growth and rising temperatures, among other factors.

But climate change, he says, is a "radical disurption of age-old historic patterns."

For more on the connection between drought and climate change, click "read more," below.

-- Rong-Gong Lin II

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No new water sources expected

Over the last 120 years, California has captured huge amounts of water from rivers and snowpack, and there are no new sources, Brown said. "There is no silver bullet."

--Shelby Grad

Where to watch the conversation

The California Conversation's broadcast media partner KCET will feature the discussion in an episode of "SoCal Connected" airing locally Wednesday, June 10 at 8 p.m. on KCET and nationally Thursday, June 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Link TV.

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