Prop. 8 and Prop. 4: Narrow votes, different outcomes

Each campaign sought to amend the state Constitution on an issue that deeply divides social conservatives and social liberals. Proposition 8, a ban on gay marriage, won. Proposition 4, which would have barred abortions by unemancipated minors until 48 hours after a physician notified a parent or legal guardian, failed. In each, less than half a million votes separated the victors from the losers. [Note: In the rollover of the counties, an earlier version of this map mistakenly labeled the Prop. 4 vote tallies as coming from Prop. 22.]

Reporting: Maloy Moore, Thomas Suh Lauder and Sandra Poindexter | Flash: Sean Connelley

Votes as reported to the California secretary of state by Nov. 6. County registrars have until Dec. 2 to report final votes counts. At least 1.6 million votes were uncounted the day after the election, officials said. Sources for filters: Census Bureau (2000); 2007 American Community Survey estimates.