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Lindsay Lohan: Playing the blame game

By Stephanie Lysaght, Times Staff Writer

We wrote off Lindsay’s first DUI as an irresponsible, but ultimately forgivable offense. Nobody was hurt, and Lindsay got her wake-up call. So we thought. Then Lindsay was arrested again for DUI and cocaine possession. How could she sabotage her career and endanger herself that way? Again? And who’s to blame?

Me ...

And all the journalists who smear Lindsay’s lowest moments all over their websites to increase traffic. Since all press is good press, we send Lindsay the misguided message that controversy will only buoy her career. (WireImage.com)
You ...

For reading this dirt. The more you read it, the more we write it. The paps camp out at Lindsay’s house and photographers follow her to the tanning salon. All that scrutiny is enough to leave anybody searching for an escape. (AP / Radar Magazine)
Dina Lohan ...

Although it used to be fun to mock “The Orange Oprah,” now it’s just too depressing. Wake up, Dina! Your daughter is in serious trouble! Stop passing off her life-threatening mistakes as growing pains. (Jeff Christensen / AP)
Michael Lohan ...

Whose own run-ins with the law have caused Lindsay to lose respect for her parents, and thus, for authority. Michael Lohan told Extra today, “I know I’m responsible for part of this. I acted the same way myself.” (Dick Yarwood / AP)
DJ Samantha Ronson ...

Who many speculate is a bad influence on Lindsay. After Lindsay was caught for her first DUI, she was out partying with Samantha the next day! (AlphaX/X17online.com)
Lindsay’s publicist ...

And all of the enablers who mop the floor whenever Lindsay spills something. So long as somebody is always there to make excuses, how will she ever learn? (WireImage.com)
Wilmer Valderrama ...

And everybody who knew and loved Lindsay before she began to spiral out of control. Come back and save her from the poisonous people who have infiltrated her world! (WireImage.com)
Lindsay ...

Last, but certainly not least. Because nobody poured that booze down her throat. (Marsaili McGrath / Getty Images for Chanel)