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Rallying against same-sex marriage

Associate Pastor Chauncey Killens, left, argues with demonstrator Vickye Ashton during a Sunday rally billed as a “Celebration of Marriage” at Fresno City Hall. (Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times)
Fresno resident Sean Zweifler, 21, is accosted by members of Cornerstone Church security during a Sunday rally billed as a “Celebration of Marriage” in Fresno. Zweifler, who says his mother is lesbian, marched through the center of the rally chanting “God loves hate” before being pushed back across the street. (Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times)
Resident Patty DeFury hold a Bible at the Fresno rally in support of Proposition 8. (Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times)
A view of the lawn in front of Fresno City Hall, where demonstrators gathered in support of Proposition 8. They were told not to accept being called bigots because they back traditional marriage. (Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times)
Kristen and Eric Willems and their daughters Allyssa, 9, left, and Lauren,12, right, join others in singing “God Bless America” during the “Celebration of Marriage " rally in Fresno. (Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times)