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Endeavour: Final Journey
The space shuttle Endeavour makes its final journey to the California Science Center in Los Angeles, marking the end of NASA's shuttle program. Check back for updates on the flyover route and the 12-mile, two-day trek through the streets of L.A.
Final mission
Space shuttle Endeavour exhibit to launch Tuesday
After glitches and delays, Endeavour finally reaches its new home
Farewell tour
Timeline: Endeavour's trek through L.A.
Reader Photos: Shuttle greets L.A.
Interactive: Endeavour arrives in Los Angeles
Photos: Endeavour rolls through L.A. streets
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Hole punched in doughnut shop's hopes for shuttle celebration

Randy's Donuts in Inglewood was all set for Endeavour's passage, complete with shuttle-shaped treats. But with officials urging spectators not to line the streets, the 24/7 business is closing early.

A commercial Endeavour for Toyota

The carmaker is lending a Tundra pickup to tow the space shuttle over the 405 Freeway en route to the California Science Center.

Endeavour flight delayed, but arrival in L.A. remains on schedule

Bad weather delays one leg of the space shuttle Endeavour's final journey, but the craft is expected to arrive on schedule in L.A. on Thursday, NASA says.

Shuttle Endeavour's final journey is carefully choreographed

The 12-mile journey from LAX to the California Science Center will have more bumps than a trip into space, but crews have worked hard to smooth the path.

Space shuttle Endeavour, on way to L.A., will do flyovers

The space shuttle Endeavour is coming! To L.A., yes, but also to various regions and cities, courtesy of low-level fly-overs. NASA announced its route Friday.

Countdown to Endeavour: Tickets for final takeoff going for $90

Endeavour countdown has begun. Final plans for the space shuttle's journey to Los Angeles are in the works, with fly-overs of other cities possible.

Tree removal for space shuttle arrival tempers excitement

For some residents, the excitement of space shuttle Endeavour rumbling through their neighborhoods faded when they learned that 400 trees had to be cut down.

Space shuttle Endeavour to make 12-mile trek on L.A. streets

After logging nearly 123 million miles in space, the shuttle Endeavour faces a commute — top speed 2 mph — from LAX to the California Science Center.

President Obama to attend Endeavour shuttle launch