American safari
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Safari West

Zebras roam parts of the 400-acre wildlife preserve at Safari West in Santa Rosa, where people ride in jeeps to view the animals. (Nora Zamichow / LAT)
It’s difficult to comprehend how large a giraffe is until you are face to face. (Nora Zamichow / LAT)
Safari West is home to 29 species of mammals. (Nora Zamichow / LAT)
An ostrich egg found during a 3-hour jeep safari. The egg was abandoned by its mother. (Nora Zamichow / LAT)
Pygmy goats are one of the few animals that visitors are encouraged to pet. Three are housed at Safari West. (Nora Zamichow / LAT)
Tent cabins have a king or two double beds, and a private bathroom with regular plumbing, including a shower. (Nora Zamichow / LAT)