Feud over Hollywood Farmers Market ends — for now

The Hollywood Farmers Market, whose future has been jeopardized by a months-long feud with the Los Angeles Film School, will stay where it is — for now.

On Wednesday, film school officials sent a letter to the city suspending their protest against the market’s application for a yearlong permit to close off a two-block stretch of Ivar Avenue to traffic on Sunday mornings.

Last year, the city denied the market a permit for one of those blocks after film school officials complained that the market cut off access to a garage entrance. Since then, the city has renewed the permit on a rolling basis as officials try to work out a compromise between the feuding parties.


A spokesman for the city councilman who has led those negotiations said the film school’s stay of its complaint was “fantastic news.”

“As soon as the letter is officially received by the city, the farmers market will be granted their full one-year permit,” said Yusef Robb, a spokesman for Los Angeles City Councilman Eric Garcetti. “We’re relieved the market can have this lifted off of their shoulders.”

But a film school official said the feud may not be over for good.

Jenna Langer, vice president of operations at the school, said officials there maintain their right to re-invoke the complaint. She said that could lead to a hearing before the Board of Public Works, and possibly, the suspension of the market’s permits. The board, which grants the permits, could not be reached.

Langer said she hopes the farmers market and the school will continue to negotiate. But market organizer Pompea Smith, reiterating previous comments, said moving the market is not an option.