Hate messages flood school with lesbian homecoming king and queen


A San Diego high school where a lesbian couple were selected as homecoming king and queen has been the subject of hateful phone calls and emails, officials said.

Officials did not detail the messages but described some of them as disturbing.

Bill Kowba, San Diego school superintendent, said adults criticizing the selection of Rebecca Arellano and Haileigh Adams are “demonstrating such a lack of tolerance and are presenting such a negative role model for children with their hateful comments.”

Arellano was named homecoming king at a Friday pep rally at Patrick Henry High School. Adams was named homecoming queen at a school dance Saturday.


The calls and emails, Kowba said, “are also disrupting the work of the school to focus on the education of students ... if these calls and emails were from students, they would face disciplinary measures.”

Kowba said that he supports and congratulates the Patrick Henry homecoming king and queen “and wishes them and the school well.... I look forward to the day when all students can come to school, free of harassment and bullying.”