How L.A.’s 20-year mobility plan could transform the roads around you


As Los Angeles planners continue to nudge the city toward a denser, more bicycle-, pedestrian- and mass transit-centric future, the City Council passed Mobility Plan 2035 earlier this month, charting a transportation course for the next 20 years.

The plan designates hundreds of miles of bicycle and bus lanes, and incorporates changes to many of the city’s main arteries such as Sunset, Hollywood and Wilshire boulevards, Van Nuys Boulevard in the San Fernando Valley, and Vermont Avenue stretching from Los Feliz to South L.A.

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The additions often come at the expense of lanes currently used for vehicles, which has riled up opponents who say the loss of car lanes will lead to increased traffic and slower response times by emergency vehicles.

How does the city’s plan affect streets near you? Using our map of changes proposed in the plan, you can see what streets are slated for changes, and switch among bike-, bus- and car-oriented improvements.

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