Drunk man fires gun, kills himself at Boyle Heights party, LAPD says

The approximate location of where a man shot himself in the face at a party is shown in black.
(Mapping L.A.)

Los Angeles police are investigating an incident in Boyle Heights where witnesses said a drunken man accidentally shot himself in the face during a party.

Police were still interviewing witnesses, and it is unclear if charges will be filed, but Lt. Perry Griffith gave this account:

Early Monday morning, a group of people were drinking in a home in the 3200 block of Folsom Street when “a handgun joins the party,” Griffith said, with the homeowner taking out the gun to show it off.

“It’s basically, ‘I have a nice gun. Do you guys want to take a look at it?’” Griffith said.


The gun owner grew nervous as he watched the weapon get passed from one drunk person to another.

“He didn’t believe his party people had the skill set to handle the weapon,” Griffith said.

When it ended up in the hands of one man, the owner tried to take it away.

“It’s basically, ‘No, I got it.’ And the gun goes off,” Griffith said.

The partygoer, whose name was not yet released, was shot in the eye and died, he said. Guests immediately called 911 and stayed for questioning. The gun owner was taken to the Hollenbeck station for questioning.


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