Bruce Jenner fights wrongful-death lawsuit in fatal Malibu crash

A Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy guards the scene on Corral Canyon Road in Malibu. One person was killed and five were injured in the crash.
(Ringo H.W. Chiu / Associated Press)

Bruce Jenner does not owe any money to the adult stepchildren of a woman who was killed in a multi-car crash in Malibu after Jenner’s vehicle rear-ended her, according to a court filing from his attorney.

In a response to the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the stepchildren of wealthy philanthropist Kim Howe, 69, Jenner’s attorney claimed last week that Howe’s stepdaughter and stepson aren’t entitled to damages because of their financial independence.

“These two plaintiffs are financially independent, successful, adult stepchildren, ages 57 and 60, who have lived out-of-state in Maine and New York for decades -- who were not financially dependent upon the decedent for ‘the necessities of life,’ ” the court document states.


The lawsuit against Jenner accuses the Olympian of negligence.

William Howe and Dana Redmond, Howe’s stepchildren, say Jenner is responsible for causing her death and “damage to her effects,” according to the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. They said they have suffered “enormous damages and losses.”

DOCUMENT: Bruce Jenner wrongful-death lawsuit

Jenner “violated the rules of the road” and was “negligent, careless and reckless,” according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges Jenner, 65, violated the basic speed law, a California vehicle code section “designed to protect” their stepmother and other drivers.

Her stepchildren say Howe was acting with “caution, attention and care and did not in any way contribute to, or cause” the crash.

Her children say they have lost love and affection as a result of her death. They incurred bills and have had to pay for damages, according to the lawsuit. They are seeking unspecified damages.


Kim Howe maintained a close relationship with her stepchildren of 40 years, even after their father died 10 years ago, attorneys Jeffrey Wolf and John Sheehan said in a statement.

“So far, no one has accepted responsibility for the collision that resulted in Ms. Howe’s death,” the attorneys said. “Her children feel an obligation to bring the truth to light and seek justice for Ms. Howe. This lawsuit is the only tool at their disposal that gives them the ability to do so.”

Howe was killed Feb. 7 on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu when her Lexus was rear-ended by Jenner’s Cadillac Escalade and went into oncoming traffic, where it was hit head-on by a Hummer.

Howe was driving behind a Toyota Prius, which came to a sudden stop. She was rear-ended by Jenner, who was towing a trailer with an off-road vehicle.

An initial account of the accident said Howe rear-ended the Prius, then Jenner rear-ended Howe’s vehicle, pushing it into oncoming traffic.

But attorney Robert Simon, who represents the Prius driver, said his client was hit by Jenner’s Escalade -- not Howe’s Lexus as first described.

After the Lexus was pushed into oncoming traffic, where it was struck by the Hummer, Jenner’s SUV continued on and hit his client’s car, Simon said.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is still investigating the crash.

In an ABC interview with Diane Sawyer on April 24, Jenner revealed he identifies as a woman. But through a representative Jenner requested the media still be refer to him as “he” until they’re instructed otherwise.

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