The most L.A. car chase ever gives everyone something to tweet about

Open convertible driving in the rain? Check.

Doing doughnuts on Hollywood Boulevard? Check.

Entire thing almost derailed by a TMZ bus? Check.

Today, we may have witnessed the most L.A. car chase of all time.

It started with a home burglary in Cerritos. It ended in South L.A., where the burglary suspects pulled over on a residential street and took selfies with onlookers until, eventually, some sheriff's deputies showed up and peacefully arrested them. It was a car chase for the ages.

The suspects took a rental Mustang convertible and hightailed it to the 101, where they got off the freeway in Hollywood. Then things got out of control.

Some bar patrons who were watching the chase on television had the chance to cheer on the car as it passed them.

After weaving through Laurel Canyon and Mulholland Drive, the people in the car briefly got back on Hollywood Boulevard before trying their luck on the 101.

One person even got video of the car passing by on the freeway.

It seemed to take a while for any police to catch up with the suspects. The people filming it from the helicopters offered some commentary.

A TMZ bus became an unlikely symbol of vigilante resistance when it inadvertently blocked the convertible while trying to change lanes.

Oh, and apparently one of the car's occupants threw a hamburger at the bus.

At one point, police attempted to throw a spike strip in the car's way. It didn't go well.

The Mustang ultimately ended up in South L.A., where it pulled over on a residential street and appeared to wait for police to show up. While the occupants waited, they made phone calls, fist-bumped and high-fived people standing on the sidewalk, and took selfies.

It took about seven minutes for any police cars to arrive. According to LAPD Capt. Andy Neiman, they were in no rush: The suspects had committed a nonviolent property crime and were essentially hanging out and waiting for authorities to come arrest them.

Because this was the most L.A. thing to ever happen, Chrissy Teigen was watching the whole thing from home.

So, to recap: A rental Mustang did doughnuts in front of where they hold the Oscars. Spike strip tosses were whiffed. Hamburgers were thrown. Impromptu block parties were held. It's official: 2016 is lawless.

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