Watch Dean Potter’s most high-profile jumps and climbs

A lifelong passion for extreme sports ended in climber Dean Potter's death on Saturday when Potter, 43, and his friend Graham Hunt, 29, died in a BASE jumping accident in Yosemite National Park.

Potter's life as an extreme climber was well documented on video and his filmed adventures, edited for the social media age, contributed to the fascination with the sport. Here are some of Potter's most high-profile jumps captured on film:

In 2009, Potter jumped off a cliff on Switzerland's Eiger Mountain, flying for nearly three minutes in a wing suit. The jump was the longest BASE jump ever, covering about 9,000 vertical feet and nearly 4 miles.

Last year, Potter returned to Eiger -- this time with his dog, Whisper, outfitted in goggles and strapped to his back. The two tandem jumped off a ledge, and the video can make people queasy to say the least, but Whisper seems to be OK.

For many of his BASE jumps, Potter free-climbed to some of the cliffs he plunged off. At times, the climbs appeared more extreme than the jumps. In July 2006, he climbed the Reticent Wall, one of the hardest routes on El Capitan in Yosemite.

Also in 2006, Potter did a free solo climb of a route on Yosemite's Glacier Point called Heaven. Images from this climb that have been viewed around the world.

Potter also dabbled in paragliding and he posted his first paragliding adventure on his birthday last year.

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