10 ducklings were rescued on a busy Glendale freeway — and it was live-tweeted

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Ten fuzzy ducklings are now paddling somewhere in the Los Angeles River with their mother after they were rescued from a busy freeway Monday.

Every moment of the ducklings’ rescue was part of livestream of tweets by the California Highway Patrol.

The ducklings may have been stranded for days if it hadn’t been for the keen eye of a CHP officer.


It all started about 6:13 p.m., when drivers spotted a full-grown duck on the eastbound 134 Freeway, just east of San Fernando Road, Officer Edgar Figueroa said.

An officer arrived at the area and found the duck standing over a grate.

He looked around and spotted the ducklings, who were stuck in a storm drain.

Workers with the California Department of Transportation were called and arrived with heavy-duty pry tools.

Videos taken from the scene show workers scaling down a ladder to reach quacking ducklings.


Perched along the freeway’s sound wall, the mother monitored the crew’s work, Figueroa said. Occasionally, she flew around, but never left their side, he said.

Finally, the crew reached the ducklings and carefully placed them inside a cardboard box.

At first, crews thought there were nine ducklings, but it turns out it was a healthy group of 10, Figueroa said.

The ducklings were taken to the Los Angeles River.

Figueroa said their mother remained close by to watch the spectacle before they were all reunited.


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