See hail make Huntington Beach look like a winter wonderland


It was the day that one of Southern California's most famous beaches turned frosty. A layer of hail coated Huntington Beach on Monday morning, transforming Surf City into a bit of a winter wonderland.

The illusion was the result of about an inch of small hail falling on a coastline better known for surfing and sunbathing. The alternative-reality landscape was promptly well documented.

Here's what it looked like from the ground, and don't miss the person surfing on the hail:

An astonishing blanket of hail

We hope those weren't made by flip-flops

Nope, still the West Coast


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A gentle layer of snow all over town

Street names are right. Palm trees, yes. But something is amiss.

Really, someone should be wearing a jacket

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No, not a postcard from the East Coast

It's a natural instinct


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And soon, the hail will be just a memory

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