Mystery man called hero after rescuing man, 73, from burning home


A mystery man is being called a hero after rescuing a 73-year-old man from a burning home over the weekend in Fresno.

The daring rescue was caught on cellphone video on which a woman is heard yelling, “We got to get the dad out of there! There’s a man inside!” as the Fresno home becomes engulfed in smoke and flames.

Then suddenly out of the smoke, the mystery man in a blue Dodgers hat appears and is carrying the man over his left shoulder.


He runs away from the fiery home, letting the man down from his shoulder as he reaches the sidewalk.

The woman screams out, “Oh, thank God.”

Moments later, the fire department arrived.

The rescuer left the scene and has not been identified.

Beth Lederach, of Clovis, was driving by the fire, which broke out about 8:14 a.m. Saturday in the 4300 block of East Dakota Avenue, when she began filming the five-minute video on her cellphone, the Fresno Bee reported.

The rescued man, later identified as Robert Wells, was apparently attached to an oxygen tank, which he used for respiratory issues.

Wells, 73, told KFSN-TV that the man picked him up and carried him out of the home.

Wells said he would like to thank the mystery man for saving his life.

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