Man framed for murder gets $13.1-million settlement from San Francisco


San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a $13.1-million settlement for a man who spent six years in prison after police officers framed him for murder.

Jamal Trulove was convicted in the 2007 killing of his friend, but a state appeals court overturned the conviction in 2014 and he was acquitted in a retrial in 2015.

A federal jury last year awarded Trulove $14.5 million in damages, according to the Associated Press. At the time, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that jurors found the two lead homicide inspectors on the case had violated Trulove’s rights by fabricating evidence against him and withholding evidence that might have helped him.


The settlement was on the board of supervisors’ consent calendar and was approved unanimously without comment, the Associated Press reported.

Alex Reisman, one of Trulove’s lawyers, told the AP that Trulove spent six years in maximum security prisons hundreds of miles from family and that he also was stabbed.

After the settlement was approved Tuesday, Trulove wrote on Instagram, “And trust me I’m not done with them by a long shot!!”

Trulove was an aspiring actor before he was sent to prison and has returned to his profession since his acquittal.

He appears in the film “The Last Black Man in San Francisco,” which was shown at the Sundance Film Festival this year.