Former Juvenile Hall officer accused of soaking boys’ shoes in urine

A former Orange County juvenile corrections officer was charged Wednesday with child abuse for allegedly punishing the young detainees by soaking their shoes in urine.

Tamie Marie Bieker, 38, of Santa Ana, was ordered to appear in court March 17 to be arraigned on three misdemeanor counts of child abuse in connection with the incidents, which allegedly happened over a three-week period last summer at Juvenile Hall in Orange.

According to Orange County prosecutors, on July 21, 2014, Bieker rubbed a 14-year-old boy’s shoes in his own urine after the boy relieved himself in his room.

A week later, authorities said, a 17-year-old boy relieved himself in his room after Bieker refused to let him use the bathroom despite his repeated requests, officials said.

Once the boy relieved himself, Bieker allegedly soaked his shoes in it and forced the boy to put them on and walk around.


The third incident happened Aug. 6 when, prosecutors say, a 13-year-old boy was not allowed to use the bathroom, despite asking several times over a two-hour period.

When he finally relieved himself, Bieker grabbed his shoes, turned them over and soaked them in the urine, put them back on his feet and smiled, officials said.

The incidents were reported to staff members and eventually forwarded to county prosecutors. Bieker was fired from the Orange County Probation Department in December, officials said.

If convicted, she faces up to three years in jail.

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