‘Victory parade’ car chase ends when bystander blocks driver’s path


A man suspected of driving under the influence smiled and waved at bystanders Friday evening as he led police on a low-speed chase in the San Fernando Valley.

About 10 police vehicles and a police helicopter followed the man as he drove slowly down Reseda Boulevard. His car, a black convertible with the top down, had large signs that said “Victory Parade” attached to the driver and passenger side doors.

The chase ended at 6:50 p.m., about an hour after it started, when a man who appeared to be a bystander strode directly in front of the car to stop it.


The convertible halted, and police pounced, arresting the driver. They also handcuffed the man who stood in front of the car.

Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Tony Im said it was unclear what the “Victory Parade” signs meant and why the driver refused to stop for police.

The chase began near the 8400 block of Reseda Boulevard after an off-duty firefighter called police to report a driver who appeared to be impaired, Im said.

When police attempted to pull the vehicle over, the driver took off, leading officers on a chase through Tarzana and Encino.

The driver appeared to be in good spirits, smiling broadly and waving and saluting at people standing on the sidewalk, many of whom captured the chase with cellphones.

The driver had the car’s caution lights flashing and stopped several times at red lights.


The chase ended on Ventura Boulevard just east of Van Nuys Boulevard.

Im said investigators would administer sobriety tests to determine whether the driver was sober. He said the man could be charged with driving under the influence and evading a police officer, as well as other possible crimes.

Im said the man who stopped the car would also be interviewed by police.

“They’re going to speak to the bystander and see what his mental status is and see why he did what he did,” Im said. “Because that was kind of dangerous for him.”

He said the second man could also be charged with a crime.

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