Unidentified gas sickens 45 people in Monrovia; 9 sent to hospital

Nine people in Monrovia were taken to the hospital Monday for symptoms caused by exposure to an unidentified gas that prompted a shelter-in-place order, city officials said.

As of Monday afternoon, 200 people had been exposed to the gas and 45 were experiencing symptoms, city spokeswoman Alexis Newell said, adding that most of those affected complained of dizziness.

The incident began just after 11 a.m. when smoke was reported coming out of a structure in the 100 block of Railroad Avenue, Newell said.


“Employees within the business and the business next door then began to complain of feeling dizzy,” she said.

Crews were working to identify the gas. Although only nine people had been taken to the hospital, Newell said officials were encouraging all 45 with symptoms to get treatment.

The “shelter in place” order issued by the Monrovia Fire Department covers all nearby residents and businesses.


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