Twitter exec live tweets barricade drama in Pacific Palisades

When an armed pursuit suspect barricaded himself in a Pacific Palisades home early Monday morning, neighbor and Twitter executive Nathan Hubbard took to the social media platform to give a blow-by-blow account of the drama.

Hubbard, who had just arrived home from a trip abroad, began tweeting details of the standoff with Los Angeles police officers at 2:20 a.m.

The ordeal, which played out behind Hubbard's home, lasted for almost six hours before the suspect finally surrendered to authorities

Here's a partial description on Hubbard's Twitter account of how the situation unfolded:

Hubbard, whose Twitter bio reads "Dad, songwriter, looking after Global Media + Commerce at Twitter. Formerly CEO of Ticketmaster," used the live video app Periscope, as well as surveillance tapes, to provide images for his followers.

As darkness slowly gave way to morning light, events in the 400 block of North Lombard Avenue developed rapidly.


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