Epic L.A. traffic sign typo: One Minute Parking

A parking sign on San Vicente Boulevard says "1 Minute Parking" instead of "1 Hour Parking." Times staffer Laura Davis originally posted this photo to Instagram, then it went hot on Reddit.
(Laura Davis / Los Angeles Times)

Los Angeles Times staff writer Laura Davis snapped a photo that recently went red hot on Reddit. Perhaps because it seems so L.A.? The photo shows a sign for “1 Minute Parking.”

The parking sign in Brentwood set off both groans and laughter in L.A., a city that has received its share of criticism over hefty parking meter fees and even heftier fines.

The photo has made its way around the Internet all week.

Another Reddit user sent the photo to the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, which confirmed the typo. The sign should have read one hour parking.

And because of Davis’ photo, a replacement sign is on the way.