Students sent home after Marysville middle schooler brings pot brownies for class to eat


Several students at a middle school in Marysville, Calif., were sent home this week after eating marijuana-laced brownies, officials said.

Staff at Anna McKenney Intermediate School called police Wednesday morning after learning that a 13-year-old girl had passed out the brownies to her classmates, said Marysville Police Sgt. Jason Garringer.

Nine students were sent home, Garringer said, but no one who ate the brownies showed obvious signs of being under the influence.


The remaining dessert was sent to the Yuba County Probation Department, which cited the teen for bringing drugs onto school grounds, a misdemeanor in California.

Garringer said the girl got the marijuana from her mother but that it’s unclear whether the woman gave the pot to her daughter or if the girl took it without her mother’s knowledge.

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