Prop. 8 backers behind effort to repeal transgender law

SAN FRANCISCO--The National Organization for Marriage, which backed Proposition 8’s now defunct ban on same-sex marriage, announced Friday that it would work to repeal a new California law that permits transgender students to use bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity, not their physical sex.

Brian Brown, president of the anti-gay marriage group, called the transgender law “a horrible attempt by activists to strip society of all gender roles” and urged members to support a signature-gathering effort to put a repeal measure on the November 2014 ballot.

In its announcement, the organization linked the transgender law to same-sex marriage.

“NOM has long warned that when marriage is redefined, other important social norms are soon destroyed,” the group said on its website.


Frank Schubert, who managed the 2008 campaign to pass Proposition 8, is advising the effort to qualify the repeal measure and will eventually manage the campaign to obtain its passage, according to the website for a group leading the repeal drive.

Shannon Minter, legal director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, said a repeal of the law would not change California’s legal obligation to protect transgender students.

“The organizations promoting a referendum are nothing more than hate groups, and their attempts to target and demonize a vulnerable group of children are shameful,” Minter said. “There is no place for these hate groups in our state.”



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