Raccoon meat for sale at L.A. supermarket; store under investigation


An Asian supermarket in Temple City has come under fire for selling dead raccoons after a video that circulated on social media showed bodies of the animals in the frozen meat section.

Christina Dow posted the video she filmed Monday at Metro Supermarket in the 4800 block of Temple City Boulevard, showing the frozen raccoons in plastic bags along with packages of meat and fish. Dow pleaded with her Facebook followers to share the video.

According to Dow’s Facebook page, she found seven to eight “freshly slaughtered raccoons” inside the supermarket freezer. She noted the dead raccoons were fully intact and the fur bloody.


“Is this right or what?” she says on the video.

The raccoons were apparently sold for $9.99 per pound. One particular raccoon was sold for roughly $54.

An employee at the supermarket told the Los Angeles Times that health inspectors had hauled out their supply of dead raccoons on Tuesday.

The Los Angeles County Public Health Department would not confirm whether it removed the dead raccoons.

But it said the department was investigating.

According to the department, a raccoon would be considered a “game animal” under the California Health and Safety Code and could be sold.

But it could be sold only if it’s from an approved source and is not considered an endangered or threatened animal by the Department of Fish & Game.

The supermarket employee, who declined to give his name, said the owner of the supermarket is avoiding media calls.


Along with selling exotic meats, the 12,000-square-foot Chinese supermarket has its own farm, delivering fresh vegetables and fruit daily, according to its website.

Raccoons, he said, are used for certain dishes, but he couldn’t describe them.

The animals are hunted and eaten in some areas of the southern U.S. Employees told CBS-LA the raccoons are considered a delicacy in China.

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