After sewage leak, beaches in Long Beach remain closed

A sewage spill in Boyle Heights flowed into the L.A. River on Monday, prompting officials to shut down beaches in Long Beach.
(Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times)

Days after a sewage leak, beaches in Long Beach will remain closed until a second set of samples come back clean.

Nelson Kerr, manager of Long Beach’s Bureau of Environmental Health, said initial test samples came back clean Tuesday, but a second set was taken to verify that the waters were safe.

“The lab results look good,” he said. “When the first set of samples came in, there was no indication of a sewage spill, but we’re testing the waters again to be sure.”

Until the second test results come back on Thursday morning, the beaches will remain closed, Kerr said.


All non-coastal bay beaches are open, including Colorado Lagoon, according to the City of Long Beach Water Hotline.

Although the leak was large, it pales in comparison with Los Angeles’ largest spill.

In 1998, more than 30 million gallons of sewage spilled during El Niño storms.

About 2.4 million gallons leaked on Monday until Los Angeles sanitation crews contained it that night.

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