Steve Lopez: Garcetti's F-bomb born of political calculation?

Did the mayor just say that

Yes, I'm pretty sure L.A.  Mayor Eric Garcetti let one slip. I wasn't at today's bash celebrating the L.A. Kings' Stanley Cup victory over the New York Rangers, but I've now seen the video.

"They say there are two rules in politics," Garcetti told the  Staples Center crowd while holding a beer. "Never, ever be pictured with a drink in your hand and never swear. But this is a big…day."


The missing word?

Take "puck," slap a different first letter on it, add an "ing" and you've scored the winning goal.

Garcetti is, after all, a U.S. Navy reservist, and I guess part of the training involves learning how to cuss like a sailor.

You've got to love the way Kings legend Luc Robitaille took the microphone after Garcetti and said,  "Well, we told our players not to curse. Thanks."

I'm sure the mayor will take some heat over this, especially since school is out for summer. I heard one woman on the radio flick a backhand at the mayor for using such language with so many kids in the stands.

Who would have guessed they'd need referees on hand to escort Eric Garcetti, of all people, to the penalty box for misconduct?

But Garcetti's PG-13 speech got what might have been the biggest cheer of his career, so don't be surprised if he starts sounding like Andrew Dice Clay. This is not a guy who takes a lot of risks, so maybe the F-bomb was a political calculation. You thought he was wonky and stiff? No flippin' way.

And now if Garcetti ever figures out how to pave the streets and fix the sidewalks, we'll all know what to say.

This is a big effin' day.