Two charged in fatal hit-and-run of pedestrian in wheelchair

Manuel Gonzalez, 40, was hit while crossing the street in his wheelchair and was dragged 100 feet. He later died from his injuries.
(Los Angeles Times)

Los Angeles County prosecutors have charged the driver of a Cadillac SUV with fatally striking a man in a wheelchair last month in Pacoima and fleeing the scene.

Tatiana Cacho, 24, of Pacoima was arrested after detectives received anonymous tips from the public that she was behind the wheel when her vehicle hit 40-year-old Manuel Gonzalez, police said. Christian Olvera, 23, of North Hollywood was also arrested and charged with being an accessory after the fact.

Police said Cacho ran over Gonzalez as he was crossing Terra Bella Street east of Cayuga Avenue, the L.A. County district attorney’s office said in a news release. Gonzalez was dragged about 100 feet.

Cacho “then left the accident which led to Gonzalez’s death,” prosectors said.


Cacho faces up to four years in state prison if convicted. Olvera faces up to three years.

They are scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday. Prosecutors have recommended bail be set at $75,000 for Cacho and $25,000 for Olvera.

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